Boards, Commissions, & Committees

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  • 2802 (PDF) - A resolution establishing Policies and Procedures relating to the roles and responsibilities of boards, commissions, and committees regarding Grand County employees and budget.
  • 2944 (PDF) - A resolution establishing the authorization of and procedures for electronic meetings to conduct business and affairs of Grand County Council, boards, commissions, and committees, and including local and special service district boards.
  • 3007 (PDF) - Resolution amending the board appointment process and establishing requirements of board members as of December 17, 2013.
  • 462 (PDF) - An ordinance establishing policies and procedures for conflicts of interests of Grand County Officers.
  • 472 (PDF) - An ordinance of the Grand county Council establishing a process for the amendment and adoption of by-laws for boards, commissions, and committees.
  1. Airport Board

    Gather information about the Airport Board and their function in the community.

  2. Boundary Commission

    Get information about the Boundary Commission.

  3. Building Codes Board of Appeals

  4. Castle Valley Fire Protection Board

    Access details about the Castle Valley Fire Protection Board.

  5. Children's Justice Center Advisory Board

    View meeting information for the Children's Justice Center Advisory Board.

  6. Council on Aging

    Meet the members of the Council of Aging.

  7. 4 Corners Mental Health Board

    Access information about the Four Corners Community Behavioral Health.

  8. Historical Preservation Commission

    Access information about the Historical Preservation Commission.

  9. Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah Board

    Gather information about the meetings of the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah Board.

  10. Library Board

    Read about the Library Board and when they meet.

  11. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    View details about the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

  12. Moab Area Travel Council Advisory Board

    Moab Area Travel Council Advisory Board

  13. Moab Tailings Project Site Futures Committee

    The Moab Site Futures Committee is a subcommittee of the Moab Tailings Steering Committee.

  14. Moab Tailings Project Steering Committee

    Review the meeting times and minutes for the Moab Tailings Steering Committee.

  15. Moab Valley Fire Protection Commission

    Read about when the Moab Valley Fire Protection Commission meets.

  16. Noxious Weed Control Board

    Obtain details on meetings and members for the Weed Board.

  17. Old Spanish Trail Advisory Committee

    Find information about the Old Spanish Trail Advisory Committee.

  18. Planning Commission

    Discover the meetings and members of the Planning Commission.

  19. Public Health Board SEUDHD

    Get information about public health in the county.

  20. Sand Flats Stewardship Committee

    Explore the community with the Sand Flats Stewardship Committee.

  21. Star Hall Advisory Committee

    The Star Hall Committee searches and applies for grants, donations, and loans to complete the renovation of the Star Hall.

  22. Trail Mix Committee

    Trail Mix Committee plays a big part in the planning and volunteering to create, update, and maintain the trails in the area.